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Theology of Fish

There was a fish

who lived in the sea.

S/he never thought of the sea

or dreamed of the sea;

it never occurred to herm.

S/he never wondered if the sea loved herm,

or where the sea ended (or began).

The sea, well, s/he had no concept of the sea.

To have that sort of a thought s/he would have to

think of hermself as separate from the sea,

which of course could never happen.

When the sea was rough

s/he never thought to ask it to calm down;

when the sea was calm

s/he never thought to ask for a little action.

Likewise light.

Likewise darkness.

S/he held no belief that the sea created

bigger fish and monsters to eat herm.

S/he never thought to ask the sea to

save herm or protect herm.

S/he didn’t try to conjugate the sea:

     the sea was

     the sea is

     the sea will be.

To have that sort of thought

s/he would have had to conceptualize

a line,

which would be preposterous for a fish.

There was a fish who lived in the sea.

Just as you and I, little one, live in God.

So to go looking for God would mean

you or I would have to be somehow

outside God.

And we would have to swim and swim

and swim

through the infinite sea that is God to do so.

Which would be preposterous.


July 6, 2020 at 8:58:49 PM


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