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Walk With Me

Introducing Walk with Me, a  pocket-size compilation of poetry, story, and prayer for you as you companion someone who is dying. Walk with Me is not a manual or a “how-to” but a friend to walk with you when simply being cries out for words.

Support for Walk With Me

"What a wonderful gift!
I think I have told you my belief right now -
Scientists say that energy is the basis of the cosmos
It is both creative and loving and we personalize it and call it by many names of god
We split off some and incarnate to experience physicality and co create a “life” and then at some point start merging back into the main stream
Which is where I am
Your book expresses this in many ways
Love and peace
- Thelma

The Rose Chapel

The Rose Chapel: Building a Sanctuary in the World consists of storytelling and creative visualizations of the formation of a personal Sanctuary as if it will someday be constructed in the real world, in real time. The book is divided into “days,” as the Sanctuary is built over time.  It can be used as a workbook or a journal, or just a pleasant way to think through the process in a deliberate way.


The Seven Valleys

Hear Philip Carr-Gomm introducing The Seven Valleys, a new book co-authored by Philip and RoMa, which explores the use of a Sufi story about the soul’s quest for Paradise as a means of spiritual development.


For many years I have conducted classes and workshops in Indigenous Celtic Spirituality and Celtic Christianity. This small book is a compendium of story, poetry and prayers originating in this tradition; it is meant to inspire you to further questing and questioning. The stories contain hidden truths to ponder; the poems and prayers are meant for soulful reading and whenever possible, recitation.


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