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Nurture Your Creative Writing Skills

Have you always wanted to write but need the basics?

Do you have ideas but don’t know how to get started?

Are you “stuck” in your current writing project?

Are you a hidden writer wishing for community and feedback?

Do you want to be inspired and encouraged?

What It Is

Customized coaching based on where you are in your creative writing journey

Minimum of 6 one-hour sessions on Zoom (or in person in Princeton)

What We'll Work On

Understanding the Basics

• Starting from where you are
• The art and arc of story
• Mechanics, rules, and tricks of storytelling

Creative Visualization

• Awakening your writer self
• Facing the blank (or blocked) page
• Traveling to your well of creativity

Written Exercises

• Simple, freeing, playful ways to hone your skills
• Constructive feedback on your shared concept or current work

Words of Support

"Allow me to describe RoMa's magic in a parable. Creativity walked into a bar looking for love and a drink. The bartender turned out to be a mystical druid with a wry sense of humor and a ready rye on the rocks. 'Let me introduce you to Practicality,' she winked, knowing they needed that above all. Long story short, after the wedding, Creativity and Practicality lived happily ever after, writing one lovely thing after the other. Try it! I dare you."

- Cindy Page

Ready to Begin?

Get in touch with me via my contact form to inquire about your creative writing coaching plan.

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