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I am the map you strive so hard to read.

I am the staff conveniently found

near the dangerous crossing.

I am your boots and

the dust on your boots.

I am the high breeze bringing

ice air from the mountain.

I am the castle keep of your destination.

I am the coracle upon the fearsome wave.

I am the dragon rising from the deep.

I am the petrel wheeling.

I am your tiny knife,

your one drop left of sweetwater

against a terrible thirst.

I am your sextant

as I am your star.

I am the dawn in this unfamiliar place.

I am the glory paths you see

from sun through clouds to streets below.

I am the coming rain.

I am the night without dreams

in a strange bed.


when you return to tell your story,

all your tales shall be of me.

Even in your loneliness and fear,

even as you stop to wipe your brow,

I preen in all my dangerous beauty

before your eyes.

You are my adventure

Through Myself.


July 6, 2020 at 8:58:54 PM


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