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In the Garden

What if
Jesus and Merlin were to meet
At twilight
In the garden, in the grove,
One looking forward to the Skull of Golgatha,
One looking back on the Sacred Head of Bran?
What would they say to one another,
These men, these gods,
Who live in time beyond their lives—
One forward, one retrograde?
+ Let this Cup pass from me… says the one.
~ May the earth open and swallow me,
  May the sky fall upon me,
  May the sea rise and cover me,
  May fires consume me… says the other.

+ Take this cup and drink from it… says the one.
~ This is the Cauldron of Inspiration and Wisdom… says the other.
+ Do this in remembrance…” says the one.
~ I know the Cup
  From which the wave has overflowed.
  I know the end of the dawn… answers the other.

What if they do meet
There in the grove, in the garden,
Two avatars—
One about to ascend,
One about to descend—
Each serving the Chalice in his way?
What if Merlin’s Affallanau and Jesus’ Rood are the same Tree?
One rides it to his destiny,
One sits beneath to prophesy.
What could they give to one another
These prophets circling in their Time-long orbits?
Could Merlin say:

~ The seed is planted, the tree will grow;
  There is a thorn in Avalon that bears fruit in thy name.
  Would Jesus reply wistfully:

+ Kiss Nimue for me.
  Tell her I love her beauty and her power.


July 6, 2020 at 8:58:43 PM


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