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The Rose Chapel: Building a Sanctuary in the World

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

The origin of this little book:

Last year at this time, due to Covid, I was “stuck” in England due to travel restrictions. My friend Philip Carr-Gomm and I spoke of the isolation and estrangement we were all experiencing, and I told him about building an inner temple when I had faced similar circumstances years ago. (This is told in the Intro.)

I said I would like to teach other people how to use this practice to ease the strain of enforced solitude and the feeling of being a “bee in a jar.” I taught this as a six-week class in 2021 and as the weeks progressed, participants told me about the beautiful sanctuaries they were building. When I returned to Princeton, I converted my class notes into the book you are considering.

I printed several homemade copies and gave some (and loaned some, due to short stock) to friends. All of them expressed gratitude for giving them a way to change their feelings of isolation and trapped-ness to gratitude for solitary time in a sacred place.

I picture a globe with lights from sanctuaries blinking on around the world.

Thank You.

RoMa Johnson



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