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About those Boots by the Door

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diamond studded footsteps stamp out time to the forged platinum shadow walkers,  

balancing on tighter ropes, navigating a razor thin edge

above the cavernous void, a friendly abyss

where fireflies are dancing like trophies

presented upon the successful tapping

by effervescent ruby colored cosmologists

awarded for those who found the most black holes,

a singularly quantum achievement, now that every proton has one


In the harbor where the pier juts out

beyond the glistening seals,

where the tusks of old walruses are traded,

the discovery of prehistoric frog DNA was found caked in the dogshit

stuck to the treads of neanderthalic leathery boots

which had to be shaken from the gnawing jaws of hungry cheetahs


as they cut through the las vegas asphalt,

swinging in their hammocks, ringing wind chimes above shady palm tree groves

where the chips from last night's poker take fell unnoticed

beneath the swinging pachyderm trunks

perched on careening clown car parades

dedicated to the rap music moguls meeting at their corporate tattoo chain


all these difficult events found a remodel

on the way to an easy slide up into the Babylonian heap

where the lost Treasure library of life’s secrets was to be revealed,  just yesterday!

Passive, like jello, formed in the tupperware rectangle

in a response to Global cooling trends, nonexistent banana slices browned within

spouting ice geysers, writing the story

looking for a rhyme with cycle

connections? If you go there too, spin round and round

and the spiral will eventually circle to the cavernous void,

where fireflies are dancing

to the toe-tapping leathery boots that wait by the door

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